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Step by Step Audition Process for Students

Any current student at FSU is eligible to become a part of the FSU Flying High Circus. We only accept new students at the beginning of each Fall semester. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in the Circus both on the performing side as well as behind the scenes in production (sound, lighting, costumes, stage management, etc.). There is no experience necessary to audition for the circus. The majority of new students in our program have had no previous circus experience.

Below is our step-by-step instruction of the sign-up and audition process.

Step One - Sign Up

Sign ups for circus auditions, dance auditions, ringmaster auditions, and production crew are in the Circus building located next to the Circus Tent. Sign ups begin on the first day of fall classes on August 28th and are open from 10am to 5pm.  

The deadlines for the various sign-ups are below.

  • Deadline to sign up for Circus Act audtions is September 8th at 4pm.
  • Deadline to sign up for Dance and Ringmaster auditions is September 18th at 4pm.
  • Deadline to sign up for the production crew is September 20th at 4pm.
  • When you sign up at the Circus lot, you will need to fill out a waiver and sign up for an audition session.

Step Two - Auditions

First Round of Auditions for Circus Acts - Begins September 5th

  • Attend one audition session.
  • Callbacks for Second Round of Auditions will be posted at the Circus Lot on Tuesday, September 12th.
  • Sign up for Second Round of Auditions.

Second Round of Auditions for Circus Acts - Begins September 12th

  • Attend one audition session.
  • Final cast list will be posted at the Circus Lot on Thursday, September 21st.

Dancer Auditions - September 19th and 20th at 3pm

Ringmaster Auditions -September 19th and 20th at 2pm

Step Three – Attend First Cast Meeting - Friday, September 22nd

Introduce Act Captains and Approved Coaches.

Explain Act development process and timeline.

Selected participants submit schedules to Act Captains.

Once you are cast to rehearse an act for shows, there will be various requirements expected of you throughout the year. You will be expected to attend all of your rehearsals (a minimum of an hour and a half per week), put in time helping with the daily rigging and work at the lot (another hour or two each week), and maintain an expected level of strength and flexibility through daily stretching and conditioning. There will also be occasional workdays on the weekend, which will be mandatory. ALL shows and show rehearsals are mandatory. Please make sure that you are able and willing to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to the circus when making your decision to join.

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