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Circus Act Auditions


Registration for circus act auditions for 2022-23 SCHOOL YEAR 

There are many acts that are included in the FSU Circus program.  Our Circus Act Auditions cover all our on stage acrobatic acts, aerial acts and clowning.  If you are interested in circus act performance, you have to first audition for a circus act. 

Below is a step-by-step instruction of the process:


Sign Up for Auditions

To participate in circus act auditions you will need to register for an audition session.  Registration for circus act auditions is held the first two weeks of every fall semester. 



First Round of Auditions for Circus Acts

The audition process is comprised of two rounds.  The first round is one session that consists of basic strength and flexibility evaluations and concludes with a short interview. There are no particular strength and flexibility requirements to participate in the circus, but we do have strength requirements to participate in aerial acts such as  trapeze, Spanish web and lyra. Below are two videos that demonstrate the techniques we will evaluate during the first round of the audition process.

  • The minimum requirements to be assigned an aerial act are five pull ups, five leg lifts and five inverted pikes or L's.  Aerial acts that are primarily swinging have more stringent strength requirements.  

Once the first round of auditions are completed, the staff posts the list of callbacks for the Second Round of Auditions on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Students who are called back for the second round must sign up for their second round audition session.


Second Round of Auditions for Circus Acts

The second round is one session and consists of basic skill evaluation.  There are segments on partner ground skills, trampoline and static trapeze for those who met the strength requirements.  If students do have some applicable circus experience, this is our opportunity to observe those skills.


Final Casting

Our final cast list will be posted on Thursday, September 15th.  For those who have made it into the cast we have our first mandatory cast meeting the next day on Friday, September 16th.