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Current FSU students are able to participate in the FSU Circus in a variety of capacities.  We hold auditions every fall semester for performance opportunities including dance, acrobatic performance and ringmaster.  We also have positions available in production such as lighting, stage management, hair/makeup and costuming.  To get started just come to the Haskin Circus Building next to the Big Top to sign up for an audition session or for production.


The circus enjoys a very passionate and supportive alumni group. Throughout the year our alumni group gathers to share their experiences and meet their life-long friends they made in the the circus.


The FSU Flying High Circus encourages the Tallahassee community to become involved in one of the oldest and most unique collegiate traditions in the city. Our Halloween show in October and home show series in April, provide one of kind performances that are family friendly and highly anticipated throughout the community year to year. To find out more on how to get involved with the circus please visit our sponsors page.

Circus Activities Class (PEM 1952)

PEM1952, Circus Activities, is a one credit hour class offered through the P.E. department. There is one session of this class offered in the fall semester only.

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