• FSU Circus at Callaway Garadens

Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens has been the summer home for the circus since 1961. Not only does the circus perform at Callaway, but we also participate in the exceptional Summer Family Adventure program.


Summer Family Adventure Program

The Summer Family Adventure program boasts a great many daily activities including waterskiing, golf, tennis, laser tag, Aqua Island, circus activities and more. The counselors for the day camp activities are none other than our very own circus performers. This is a family vacation like no other.

A day in the Summer Family Adventure program begins at 9AM in the circus tent where 7 year-olds up to seventeen year-olds meet. From there we break into age groups (7-8’s, 9-10’s, 11-12’s and teens) and go to our respective activities. 7-8’s may start with circus activities while the 9-10’s go to blaster boats. The 11-12’s could have laser tag while the teens go waterskiing for the morning. The schedule changes every day through the week, and the age groups change activities every hour or two.

The children are not the only ones playing. Adults have their choices of activities throughout the week. As one of our guests so aptly described the Summer Family Adventure program, “everyone in the family gets their vacation.”

Find out more about the Summer Family Adventure Program



The circus begins performing at Callaway gardens the weekend after Memorial Day and generally runs until the first week in August.

Weekly Performance Schedule: 

  • Monday - 3:30PM
  • Thursday – 3:30PM
  • Friday – 8:00PM
  • Saturday – 3:30PM and 8:00PM
  • Sunday – 3:30PM

*Performances are free for guests of Callaway Gardens*

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