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circus involvement fall 2020

This semester, the FSU Circus program will be different than usual. In accordance with Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, our fall performances and full rehearsal schedule will not take place. We are still accepting students, but the process has changed.

For the Fall semester, we will be putting our efforts into providing remote training and a limited amount of in-person practices. Along with the change in programming will be a shift in our audition schedule, which has now moved to November.

Although this semester will look drastically different than any in our long history, the focus will continue to be on training, building community, and providing a space that allows our students to grow.


Here is how to get involved:


Step One | Sign Up


Sign up to get access to the Circus Canvas page.  The only requirement for involvement is that you are a current FSU student. We will collect some basic information and then will add you to our page. Participation is open to students who are either on-campus or learning remotely this semester.  As always, no previous circus experience is required to be a part of the program.


Step Two | Training

For all new students and a majority of returning students, training will be remote. In order to keep returning cast members in peak physical condition, and to prepare incoming students for the November auditions, the FSU Circus will be providing a series of physical training videos through Canvas.  The first video series will focus on specific strength and flexibility exercises that we will later measure during the audition process.


Step Three | Auditions

Auditions will be postponed until further notice.  Details on the audition process are still being determined and are dependent on campus distancing guidelines.  Auditions typically consist of physical evaluations that measure strength and flexibility as well as a short interview.  Once auditions are completed the cast is assigned.  Not all students who audition will make it into the cast.


Beyond Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Starting in the spring semester we hope to be able to resume more of our in-person training. We will adhere to University guidelines and offer as much as possible. With that our goal is to produce the Annual Spring Performance Series with the cast identified during the fall semester.


Summer 2021

The Circus operates two summer programs.  One of those programs is the FSU Flying High Circus Camp on campus, and the other is an off-campus engagement at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  For both programs we invite and hire students from the previous season to be our staff.  As the year progresses, we will have more information on both programs.


If you have any questions please contact us at circus@admin.fsu.edu.






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