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The FSU Flying High Circus performs 70-80 shows throughout the year here on campus in Tallahassee and at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The performances offer a variety of jaw-dropping routines- both in the air and on the ground- which are sure to impress!

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Home Show Performance Series
For over 70 years the Flying High Circus has been dazzling audiences with its annual spring showcase. Each showcase offers a different theme while the acts remain the same keeping favorites like flying trapeze, juggling, and quartet adagio front and center.


73rd Annual Home Show Series — Spring 2020

Dates and Times to be Announced


Callaway Gardens
Callaway Gardens has been the summer home of the FSU Flying High Circus since 1960. Each year, some of our students spend ten weeks in Pine Mountain, Georgia, where they perform daily shows and serve as recreation counselors for the resort's Summer Family Adventure Program. Dates for the 2018 summer season at Callaway are June 1st through July 20th.  


For more information about FSU Circus at Callaway Gardens check the Callaway Gardens Website.

Family Weekend Circus Performance
Family Weekend is that special time in the fall when families can get better acquainted with the Florida State University campus and enjoy the experience with their student. We celebrate Family Weekend with a Circus performance under the Big Top.

Halloween/Haunted Harvest Performances
The FSU Circus puts on a Halloween themed show each October. All students as well as the community are invited to attend this fun and spooky yet family friendly production of zombies breaking into dance and skeletons flying through the air. Do not miss this one of a kind performance that is sure to be a thriller.

Circus Halloween Show Series — Fall 2019

Dates and Times TBA

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