• Halloween Show series

Halloween Show Series

A newer tradition under the Big Top, the circus puts on a Halloween themed show each October. All students as well as the community are invited to attend this fun and spooky yet family friendly production of zombies breaking into dance and skeletons flying through the air. Do not miss this one of a kind performance that is sure to be a thriller.


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Show Dates and Times


  • Friday, October 18 | 7PM
  • Saturday, October 19 | 7PM
  • Thursday, October 24 | 7PM
  • Sunday, October 27 | 5PM

*Doors open one hour prior to show time

Ticket Prices 

*Please note that additional fees may apply* 


Click here to see the inside of the circus venue.

Section A (Reserved Seating)*
Adult: $18

Child (12 & under):  $12

Section B (General Admission Seating)* 
Adult: $12

Child (12 & under):  $6

Section A (Reserved Seating)*
Adult:  $20

Child (12 & under):  $14

Section B (General Admission Seating)* 
Adult:  $14

Child (12 & under):  $9

**"Lap Children" under 2 years of age will be allowed entrance without a ticket as long as they sit on the Parent’s lap during the performance and no additional seating area is required.


THE FSU CIRCUS is offering a discount for FSU Faculty, Staff and their families for the performance on Thursday, October 24th at 7pm.    

Advance ticket discounted prices are $16 for adults and $10 for children for Section A (Reserved Seating).  Advance ticket discounted prices are $10 for adults and $4 for children for Section B (General Admission Seating).   You will need to present your FSU ID at the gate along with your ticket for this discounted ticket.


FSU Students Free in Section B Only - Limited Availability - Must Show FSU ID at the Gate to receive a wristband and be admitted into the event.

  1. FSU STUDENTS WITH VALID FSU ID’S WILL ONLY BE SEATED IN SECTION B. There will be no free FSU student seats/wristbands issued in Section A. If your party includes paying customers and FSU students, please purchase the non-FSU student tickets in Section B to be seated with your FSU student. FSU students may only sit in Section A by purchasing a ticket.
  2. ALL FSU STUDENTS MUST ACQUIRE A WRISTBAND AT THE GATE IN ORDER TO ENTER THE CIRCUS AND BE SEATED IN SECTION B. Any FSU student without a wristband will not be admitted (or re-admitted) into the Circus.
  3. There are a limited number of FSU student wristbands/seats available per performance and they will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis. FSU students should arrive early in order to secure a wristband for admittance. Gates open one hour prior to show time.
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