Rebuilding the Circus

Over the past year we all have been affected by COVID-19. Just as we have had to make adjustments in our daily life and make sacrifices, so too has the FSU Circus over this time. Through this school year our staff has done their best to provide programming and engagement opportunities for all interested students. The majority of our programming has been remote. We have been able to hold only very limited in-person rehearsal. 

Missing an entire year of traditional training for our students has been a disappointment for them and left a training deficit that will need to be addressed before we can resume our normal annual schedule. Our commitment to presenting a high quality performance that is safe for our performers remains our priority and will take time to recreate. For these reasons we will not be able to present our spring performance series in 2021, nor will we be available for our summer camp nor our annual engagement at Callaway Gardens. This is the unfortunate reality of the current moment, but it makes it no less disappointing for our students, staff and supporters.

We look forward to rebuilding our performance, and we have a plan to do just that. We will swiftly implement a robust training schedule beginning this summer with as many as 40 of our retuning students. In an unprecedented approach for this program, we will devote all our resources into rehearsal and training over the summer months. It will take this type of effort to make up for the time lost, but we are excited to resume and eagerly anticipate the challenge.

We look forward to seeing you again this fall!

— Chad Mathews, Director
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