Dance Auditions



Dance Audition Sign Ups

Our dancers are a big part of our performance.  In our spring performance there are typically two or three pieces which incorporate our dancers.

Unlike our circus act auditions, we prefer that our dancers have some dance experience.  We have dancers from a variety of disciplines, but having that experience and background is important.  Our dance audition consists of learning components of several of the pieces from our various shows.  You do not need to have anything prepared.  Sign ups for circus dance auditions are open the beginning of each fall semester. 



Dance Auditions 

Dance auditions consist of one session.  To audition you have to sign up for one of the two times specified.  As noted, the audition consists of learning and performing several parts of existing pieces from our shows.  There is no need to have anything prepared except to be dressed appropriately.  There are no callbacks for dance.  The final cast decisions are posted with our final cast list.


Final Casting

Our final cast list will be posted once all auditions are concluded.  For those who have made it into the cast we have our first mandatory cast meeting the day after the cast list is posted.