The FSU Flying High Circus was founded in 1947 by Jack Haskin as a means to integrate men and women on the newly co-ed Florida State campus. After 63 years our organization continues to thrive because of the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, and support from the Tallahassee community.

The Circus is a self-funded organization on the Florida State University campus. We are considered an extra-curricular activity falling under the Division of Student Affairs at FSU. We have over 100 members involved; all are degree-seeking students at FSU who volunteer with the circus in their free time. Over 20 acts are taught, practiced and developed throughout the school year, all in anticipation of the Spring Home Show Series.

The FSU Flying High Circus will present The 71st Annual Home Show Series in April 2017. This year's performances will expand upon last year's theme, "Menagerie of Wonderment", our most successful series to date, which incorporates all the glamour, showmanship and acrobatic excellence for which the Flying High Circus is known.

Press Restrictions

  • Press Passes will be given out at the discretion of the Director of the Circus. Press Passes must be requested a week prior to the performance. For more information contact Chad Mathews at or 850-644-0828.
  • Press can be on the arena floor but must stay "outside of the poles" that handle all of the tent and individual act rigging.
  • Flash photography will be permitted but must be approved by the Director of the Circus.
  • Please be aware of the fact that our spectator seating starts at ground level. When shooting acts that are at ground level, you must kneel or be seated on the ground. It is okay to stand for acts that are above the net.
  • All ownership, copyright and property rights in the performance and in any telecast, broadcast, transmission, photograph. Or recording thereof shall remain the sole property of FSU and /or its assigns. Photography and videography is intended for media use only, unless otherwise authorized. Photography or videography is not authorized for retail purposes.
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