Production Team

In addition to the various performance opportunities, there are opportunities to participate in the FSU Circus behind the scenes. Sign up to be a part of the production team at the beginning of the fall semester. 

 Our production team works on several different elements of show creation and management including:


With as many as 100 performers and multiple performances the circus maintains an involved costuming operation.  Members of our production team assist in a number of ways including coordinating costume distribution, cleaning and storing.

Hair and Makeup

Our hair and makeup team help prepare performers before the show begins and throughout the show when changes need to be made.  


Performance Lighting

The circus performance lighting system is similar to that of a theatre performance and other kinds of live performances. Every show one of our production team serves as our lighting technician. 

Audio Technician

Similar to our lighting technician, every show one of our production team members is responsible for running our audio.

Stage management and support

Managing performers throughout the performance is a critical piece of our show.  Our production team makes sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.


Front of House operation

The circus runs much of the front of house operation during performances including merchandise, ticket-taking, concessions and ushering. Performers and production crew assist with all of these elements.