Ringmaster Auditions




Ringmaster Audition Sign-Up

Our ringmaster position is a critical piece of our show.  In a given year we have as many as four ringmasters positions available in our cast.  Not only do our ringmasters perform the master of ceremonies role in the performance, but they also assist in the writing of the script.

As is the case with our circus act auditions, there is no experience necessary to audition to be a ringmaster.  It does help to have some background in public speaking and/or theatre.    Our ringmaster auditions consist of several readings of excerpts from our script. 




Ringmaster Auditions 

Ringmaster auditions consist of one session.  To audition you have to sign up for one of the two times specified.  As noted, the audition consists of several readings from our scripts.  There is no need to bring anything prepared as we will supply you everything you need.  There are no callbacks for ringmaster.  The final cast decisions are posted with our final cast list.


Final Casting

Our final cast list will be posted once all auditions are concluded.  For those who have made it into the cast we have our first mandatory cast meeting the day after the cast list is posted.